The Pakubuwono

Pakubuwono Signature is a highly luxurious residential building, located in Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan. This Elegant Building offers all the modern conveniences of the contemporary luxury apartments, and adds even more exclusive benefits. With astonishing views of the Jakarta skyline, one could only dream of this perfection. The apartment units each feature high ceilings and big windows inviting streaming light and panoramic views.

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jakarta expat guide

Jakarta expats property guide

Moving to a foreign country can be quite stressful depending on how much you will need to get around before settling down. As exciting as it is to move to a new country and get to experience new cultures and people, it is important to remember how much planning must go into the move. The first and most important thing to cross off the list is finding accommodation. As soon as you land in foreign soil you will need to have permanent accommodation before your life commences, and you become too busy to make any new accommodation plans. This property guide will help expats moving to Jakarta find accommodation in popular expat neighbourhoods mainly located in the south Jakarta area.

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doing business in jakarta

Doing business in Jakarta: A quick guide for expats

Are you planning on working or doing business in Jakarta? Great plan it would be considering the fact that Jakarta is one of the most attractive cities for businessmen and entrepreneurs. Often dubbed as the “Big Apple” of Indonesia, this country’s capital have so many things to offer for you should you think of working, investing or even putting up a company of your own in Jakarta. But for the security of your business interest, and avoid business problems in the future, it is best that you know some of the most important considerations to make should you decide of doing business in Jakarta.

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jakarta guide

All Sorts of Nights : Jakarta Guide

Jakarta offers an interesting mix of a relatively more conservative culture, which still boasts of one of the most amazing nightlife and entertainment scenes in the region. Travelers to this city will quickly find that their evenings are going to be very enjoyable, whether their version of fun involves hitting the dance floor, meeting interesting new people, having a cozy restaurant dinner or hanging out at a sports bar after midnight. Any Jakarta guide will point out this sheer variety of possible experiences.

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things to do in jakarta

Things to do in Jakarta

Jakarta is the stunning capital of Indonesia. The country is an archipelago consists of 18,000 islands and is filled with beautiful sights and activities to discover. The capital alone is already a host of wonderful things that can be done by visitors for an entire month. The city is overflowing with different attractions to explore, and is very rich in cultural and historical heritage. Here is a Jakarta guide for you. Things to do in Jakarta.

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expat job in Jakarta

Expat Job Opportunities in Jakarta

The Indonesian stock exchange is based in Jakarta and it has a very big influence on global markets. The majority of economic activities in Indonesia are funded by the government. Expats searching for job opportunities in Jakarta should best look for a job in the financial service, and banking and trade sectors. Jakarta’s industrial sector is very strong and includes manufacture of electronics, chemical and mechanical engineering, medical and automotive industries. Another important industry in Jakarta is mining, such as drilling for gas, coal, gold, and oil and it is also one of excellent job opportunities in Jakarta for expats. The insurance sector is also very influential. However, private insurance companies are not permitted to operate in Indonesia. Therefore it is very difficult for expats to find jobs in that sector, as it is publicly managed and gives priority to local employees.

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Apartments with Shopping Mall in Jakarta

Indonesia is well known across the globe for its rich biological and cultural diversity as well as great beaches. Home to many expatriates from nearly all regions of the world, Jakarta has all the qualities of a thriving cosmopolitan city. Even though you are like likely to get a first impression of a choky city from the ever-present public buses, Jakarta compensates with having some of the best shopping malls, great cuisine and friendly smiling faces all around. Finding apartments with shopping mall in Jakarta is therefore quite easy to do.

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moving to jakarta

Moving to Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital of the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia. Jakarta has more than 10 million residents. The majority of the area is dominated by water, so floods happen regularly. Jakarta is also known as the Big Apple of Southeast Asia, and it is a cultural, political, and economic center of the Indonesian archipelago. Europeans came to Jakarta in the 14th century, and Jakarta was a former Portuguese and Dutch colony. Many Chinese people decided to move to Jakarta due to work opportunities, and they are the largest minority in Indonesia today.

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